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Breathwork Facilitation

Experience the power within...

Conscious purposeful breathing provides one access to the autonomic nervous system, which can help support the release of energy that can be pent up in the nervous system due to unresolved or un-integrated trauma. This release can be emotional or physical such as feeling deep grief or trembling limbs, sometimes even mentally through images or words. Our goal is to create a safe container for your release without judgment or shame, being guided by your innate healing intelligence. 

Anapana • Holotropic • Wim Hof • Yogic/Ayurvedic • Taoist/Qi Gong • Evidence-based & Experiential

Why Breathwork?

Raymond & Amalia Baca have found breath-work essential in many areas throughout their lives, beginning with their study of martial arts.  It has brought a more wholistic integration of mind, body and spirit to their personal growth & development as well as accompanying others in their healing journey. Over the years, Ray & Amalia’s interest of different breath-work methods in cultures from all over the world has reinforced their spiritual practice. It has also allowed them to combine and customize breathwork modalities for people who work with them. Their unique and eclectic approach combines the transpersonal and intuitive with the evidence-based and clinical for more effective and sustained results.

Benefits of Breathwork:

Clears pent up energy stuck in the nervous system.

Releases trauma stored in body’s tissue

Meet Your Practitioners:
Comet-Like Object Falling Toward White D
Dr. Amalia Baca, NMD
amalia baca.jpeg
Raymond "Two Bears" Baca
Energy Vibration Instructor & Sacred Ceremony Facilitator

Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Improves sleep, mood and mental focus

Improves emotional regulation & resilience

Improves energy, circulation & oxygen levels

Enhances mind-body connection & cardiovascular health

Stimulates endorphin production

Strengthens immunity & respiratory function

Getting Started...

All new clients must start with a Psychiatric Assessment & Medical Record Review before beginning their Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Sessions. A 5% discount is offered for 3, 4, and 6 session packages when the full amount for all sessions are paid for upfront - by or before the first session.


Note: Inner Alchemy does not accept insurance. Patients may use health savings accounts in addition to debit or credit cards for payment. Payment is taken at the beginning of each appointment.

Add-On Services:
  • Medication Management appointment (30 min): $90

  • Medication Management plus psychotherapy appointment (90 min): $180

  • Prior Authorization for medications: $50

  • Integration add-on - Add 2 therapy support sessions (60 minutes each) to any KAP package to assist with integration: $200

  • Maintenance KAP (1 in-office session, 2-2.5 hours, for clients previously treated with ketamine for mental health conditions): $375

  • 20-minute virtual or in-person follow-up appointment: $75

  • 50-minute virtual or in-person follow-up appointments: $150

Book Your Session

Have questions, ready to book, or wondering if Ketamine is right for you? Contact us using the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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