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About Us

Inner Alchemy is a locally owned and operated therapy and naturopathic medicine clinic in Mesa, Arizona. We offer Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, a full range of natruopathic medicine services, integration therapy sessions, medication management, and psychiatric assessment.  Additionally, our clinic is expanding our community-based programs to include events such as breathwork classes, art therapy, and full moon gatherings.

Meet The Team

Katie Walsh, DNP, PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Katie was inspired to get her nursing degree during her work an acute inpatient psychiatric unit where she was employed from 2007 until her graduation from ASU in 2020. She was able to combine her knowledge from her previously earned psychology degree with nursing to provide holistic care for patients experiencing a wide spectrum of different mental health struggles, circumstances, and manifestations of illness. Her work experience allowed her to observe many of the inner workings of the mental healthcare system and fueled her passion for contributing to a humanistic and non-pathologizing health care system.

Creativity keeps Katie inspired; art, dance, music, creating spaces, and poetry are a huge part of her life. She loves traveling, especially visiting her family as often as possible in her hometown of Philadelphia. Her interest in plant medicines/psychedelics have led her to a community that has taught her how incorporating ritual in daily life and connecting with nature and the elements can be life changing. She believes that community-based cultures strongly contribute to the development of resilience and shifting the current western paradigm to one that is more based in interdependence and connection would lead to greater health on a macro level. 

Clinical Interests & Specialties

Katie’s clinical interests are vast; she is especially interested in the wide impacts of trauma on both individuals and groups. She loves attending conferences in the areas of integrative mental health, psychedelic therapies, and neuroscience. The research in these areas is rapidly expanding and being successfully applied in clinical practice, and she has a passion for learning about the new tools being developed to ease suffering and support healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Katie’s Evidence-based Doctoral Project was in included developing an educational program for staff at a peer led residential substance treatment center on a trauma-informed approach, in which the results were found to be significant. Increasing awareness of trauma-informed practices is a passion of hers, and she believes it can be beneficial in all settings, includes healthcare, schools, and workplaces. She believes that if all institutions and the general public developed more understanding for each other as humans, that would lead to more compassionate and tolerance, supporting a shift to improved mental health and an enhanced quality of life for the western culture.

Treatment Approach

Katie believes in a non-pathologizing and integrative approach, empowering each individual to access their own inner wisdom. She is an advocate for holistic care, as the interconnectedness between the mind and body have been supported by a multitude of evidence but is often ignored in the current healthcare system. She lets each individual’s needs guide each session. She is especially enthusiastic about newer therapeutic modalities that incorporate bodily sensations and can be practiced by clients outside of sessions, including somatic approaches, internal family systems, and compassionate inquiry.


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania awarded in 5/2004

  • Associates Degree in Nursing from Phoenix College awarded in 12/2012

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Arizona State University awarded in 12/2014

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice in Psychiatric-Mental Across the Lifespan from Arizona State University awarded in 5/2020

Licensure & Certifications

  • Licensed to practice in the state of Arizona APRN 269310 exp. 4/01/2024

  • ANCC board certified as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Across the Lifespan) exp. 4/11/2026

  • Completed Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Clinician Training through Resilience Behavioral Health Solutions 5/2021

Amalia Baca, NMD
Naturopathic Doctor

A native of Arizona, Dr. Baca found her calling in naturopathic medicine after overcoming the challenges of her father’s battle with cancer & her personal healing journey from major depression. Baca has developed a strong passion for providing health care to families, using advanced medical technologies as well as traditional & indigenous healing methods. Her participation in sacred ceremonies both with & without entheogens created opportunities for Dr. Baca to support many others during their healing journey and integration process, for which she is very grateful. 


Along with different integrative practices, Dr. Baca realizes the importance of building community & connection in order to help maintain changes. When she is not seeing patients in the office, she is facilitating community events such as sweat lodges, talking circles and ceremonial retreats, incorporating the healing properties of the Nature and the 4 Elements. She also believes in the integrated medical team approach to patient care to provide the best options and treatments for her patients. She believes that the next era of naturopathic medicine is currently in the integration of ancient traditional sciences with modern medical practices which will create greater possibilities for healing.

Clinical Interests & Specialties

Dr. Baca’s treatments focus on modifying lifestyle habits in addition to using infusion and injection therapies, detoxification, herbal medicine, supplementation and other supportive therapies to bring you to a place of optimal health. She is well-known for her treatment of gastrointestinal issues, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, chronic pain, cardiovascular conditions as well as supporting mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

She specializes in psychedelic-assisted integrative therapy, addiction & substance abuse management, environmental medicine, and detoxification. She uses cutting edge technologies, such as ozone therapy, which support immune function, bring the body into balance, and have the potential to reverse many chronic disease processes. Working with non-ordinary states of consciousness, especially with breath-work, somatic awareness, and ketamine-assisted therapy, she has found to be extremely effective at healing trauma and re-igniting spiritual practices that can support sustainable change.

Treatment Approach

Dr. Baca is experienced in treating a wide spectrum of different issues as her focus on the whole body brings her attention to the way different systems interact with each other. Through her years of working in private practice and participating in experiential journey work she has come to appreciate the significant connection between spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It has become part of her standard of care to address all aspects of those she treats, even those who come to her seeking relief from purely physical symptoms. She is passionate about educating others about the inextricable connection of all systems and aspects of health and therefore empowering them with the agency to enhance their quality of life and access their innate healer. Her vision is to utilize this integration to bring people back from chronic diseases by supporting them in living harmoniously with Nature.


Healing Our Deepest Wounds Online Course - Grof Legacy Project USA Training

Graduate of Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine: Sonoran University (Previously Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Minor in Family & Child Studies: Arizona State University

Licensure & Certifications

In Training for Neurofeedback Certification: Trauma Research Institute & Sadar Psychological

Current Active License of Naturopathic Doctor: AZ Board of Naturopathic Doctors

Current Member of Arizona Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Healing Our Deepest Wounds Online Course - Grof Legacy Project USA Training

Certification in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Resilience Behavioral Health & TRIPP

Certification for Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy: Center for Psychedelic Therapy & Research - California Institute of Integral Studies

IIVNTP Certification in Heavy Metal Toxicology & Clinical Chelation

Certification in Clinical Psychology of Children & Young People - University of Edinburgh on Coursera

Raymond "Two Bears" Baca
Energy Vibration Instructor & Sacred Ceremony Facilitator

My name is Raymond Alonzo “Two Bears” Baca. I consider myself a Christian Taoist, walking the Red Road. My path to healing was facilitated by my beautiful wife of 21 years who has loved me unconditionally and has patiently waited for my true self to unfold. I grew up in a loving home where my mother and father raised me quite differently. My mother instilled and reinforced Jesus Christ’s heart of love as my father taught me native ways of looking at nature and lessons that even now, I am learning & growing from. In my mid 20's, I met my Sifu (father/teacher), David who would set me on the Red Road and teach me many paths to the Universal Life Energy that runs through all things. He would often tell his students that no religion has a monopoly on truth. Many teachers have come into my life since then, but the most profound teachers have been the plant teachers that have been teaching humanity since the beginning of time guiding us to the natural path back to our higher consciousness and true self. Creator has blessed me to be able to work in my local community to build strong relationships through ceremony & prayer.

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