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Naturopathic Medical Services

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Dr. Amalia Baca, NMD


Dr. Baca is well-known for her treatment of gastrointestinal issues, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, chronic pain, cardiovascular conditions as well as specializing in addiction medicine, environmental medicine and women’s health.  Her treatments focus on modifying lifestyle habits in addition to... Read More

Naturopathic Services


Naturopathic Consultations

Receive the healing benefits of naturopathic medicine! Book a consultation with Dr. Baca for a full evaluation and naturopathic care. Available in person or via telehealth.


Healing Injections

Injection of nutrients & homeopathic medicines for pain, inflammation, immune health, and many other conditions. (Includes B12, MIC, Bcomplex, Vit C, and more.)


Dental Ozone

Receive injections of ozone gas into oral cavity tissue and or gums for dental infections, root canals, etc. 


Prolozone Treatment

Prolozone treatment for large joints areas such as hips, shoulders, knees, spine/back or medium to small joints such as elbows, wrists, ankles, hand/fingers, foot/toes.


Acupuncture Session

acupuncture is practice to balance the natural vitality in the body and can be received for many health benefits such as headache, stress, and anxiety relief.


IV Infusions

Choose from a variety of nutrient IV infusions such as: Energy, Immunity, Liver Support, Detox, & Anti-inflammation. Add on infusions available.


Ozone Therapy

Major ozone therapy infusions for intensive healing treatment as well as minor ozone injections for immune support and preventative treatment available.


Hydrogen Peroxide IV

Prevents & fights viral, bacterial, fungal & parasitic infections especially in the sinus, GI, & urinary tract.


Trigger Point Injections

Receive intramuscular injections of nutrients to specifically help release trigger points and chronic or acute spasms.

Naturopathy Questions

Have questions, ready to book, or would like more information? Contact us using the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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